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Bluff Design Company creates functional works of art which are reminiscent of the distinctive and inspiring natural environment of the Low Country.

Employing a range of ceramic techniques, Bluff Design Company transforms clay into unique and masterfully constructed ceramics which can be used in a multitude of ways — from a unique centerpiece to a vessel used to share food with friends and family.

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Lisa Daniels & 
Diana Vartabedian

Lisa and Diana independently came to pottery and after one fateful collaboration on Oyster Shell Bowls and Platters, they now work together to produce ceramic pieces that are whimsical and unique.

With Lisa working from South Carolina and Diana from New York, the two have found a symbiotic rhythm that allows them to continuously bounce ideas off of one another, always making use of modern technology -via video calls- to do so.

Though a labor of love, the end product is always a timeless representation of the commitment they have to their craft.


"The basis of our creative process is teamwork. With my studio in New York and Lisa’s in South Carolina, it is essential that we work as one."


Lisa Daniels, a resident of the idyllic Palmetto Bluff community in Bluffton, South Carolina since 2008, has been creating original works of art in mixed media, photography, monoprints, oil, watercolor and ceramics for the past 22 years.

Founder and head of an independent day school in New York State, it was her summers spent enjoying the scenic landscapes and natural beauty of the Lowcountry that inspired her to utilize her innate creativity. Each piece of art is delicately crafted with keen attention to color and texture, reflecting the diversity of an environment rich in beauty, culture and history.

Lisa has become particularly well known for her commissioned wedding paintings and pottery collections featuring oysters, shrimps and crabs, staples of the Lowcountry cuisine.

Lisa is a member of the Society of Bluffton Artists and Hilton Head Art League. She continues to master her craft with ongoing art education, and has taken classes at

Parsons School of Design, the New York Art League, Silvermine Art School and Barrett School of Art.


Lisa specializes in commissioned wedding paintings, capturing a specific moment in time or general scene from a couple’s special day. Working either on location or from a series of photographs, she uses oil on linen or watercolor to create a work of art that can be treasured for a lifetime.


Lisa’s pottery collections – Oysters in Abundance, Shrimp Fest, and Crab Boil – are a signature creation that has become a local favorite. Lisa also crafts additional pottery items in various styles and designs, including decorative and functional platters, trays, plates, bowls, cups and mugs. Using porcelain body clay, Lisa adds color and original designs with various underglazes.


Diana Vartabedian has been working in ceramics for the past seven years. Originally from Yonkers, NY and currently residing in upstate, NY, she first started working with clay at a local art studio when her son, Vincent, began attending college in Atlanta, GA.

Diana gains knowledge of various ceramic techniques by attending weekly classes and participating in workshops throughout the year. Inspired by the ability to be her own artist, she finds that her creativity comes alive while sitting behind the wheel to throw or hand building pieces, as she molds and shapes the clay into original works of art.


Although Diana’s repertoire is continually expanding, she particularly enjoys crafting unique bowls, platters, and cups that are both functional and decorative. She is proud that her work always reflects a keen attention to detail, whether she is creating one-of-a kind espresso cups, sugar bowls, and creamer sets, or throwing a twenty-five pound sculptural bowl using a beautiful, black Californian clay.


Diana currently volunteers as a studio assistant at Art Centro in Poughkeepsie, NY, finding enjoyment in teaching and learning from the other studio members. Outside of pottery, Diana enjoys cooking, traveling for new and creative ideas, and indie/acoustic music.

The Artists
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